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At Hempstead Park, the joy of life is plain to see. For all those in our care, we are dedicated to creating a sensitive, nurturing and comfortable environment where each resident and patient receives personalized care and attention.

Short-Term Rehab

Whether as a result of a trauma, disease, stroke, surgery or chronic condition, when mobility, function or cognitive abilities are impaired, rehabilitation is often the pathway to recovery, renewed independence and quality of life.

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Long-Term Care

When it comes to choosing a nursing home for your loved one, the factors that matter most - quality of care and quality of life - are the same things that have helped make Hempstead Park Nursing Home one of Hempstead's most respected residential facilities for more than 50 years.

Specialty Programs

In addition to comprehensive short-term rehabilitation and long-term skilled nursing care, we also offer a range of specialized programs for residents and patients who are dealing with complex primary and secondary conditions.

Old and Young
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Caring with confidence and dignity

Dedicated to creating a sensitive, nurturing and comfortable home where each patient and resident receives personalized care and attention.